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Motel Room
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Larry Spader has kidnapped and murdered at least 3 women over the past 3 months but he has never been caught.”
---A Woman has Disappeared---
Another woman has disappeared and police are concerned that she may be his latest victim. However, this time they have found the Motel Room where Larry has been living recently.
---Work as a Team to Solve the Mystery---
Larry always murders his victims on a live video stream at exactly the same time of day, and investigators only have one hour to find the location where the woman is being held, any longer and they might not have enough time to send an armed team to save her.
---60 Minutes to help a woman Escape from a psychopath ---
The Motel Room is a dark and intense experience where you must find the clues and unlock the murderers secrets before he can kill again! There are also sub plots and extra information for you to discover in order to capture the killer and ensure he is put behind bars for a long time.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: - The Motel Room has content that some participants may find disturbing. Players must be 18 or over.

Puzzle Difficulty
Search Difficulty
60 Minutes(Plus up to 30 minutes for briefings)
Number of Participants
2-6 People
Age Limit
Strictly 18 years and over
£60 per TEAM of up to 6 people
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