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Isle of Wight
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Goddess Curse Room
Can you stop the curse?
(Note- this room will close on the 31st October 2021)

Thousands of years ago an Egyptian Goddess; Anuket created a a cursed gemstone which could wipe out all life on Earth!
---A Cursed Gemstone---
Nearly three thousand years later, Great Uncle Archibcald discovered that the curse will be released when the Moon was in a particular alignment with Sirius- the brightest star in the sky.
---Work as a Team to Solve the Puzzles---
Unfortunately Great Uncle Archibald past away at the age of 98, just days before the alignment of the Moon and Sirius. He was very close to finding a way to protect the Earth from Anuket’s curse and left instructions in his will that you were to continue his work and save all humanity.”
---60 Minutes to Save the Entire Planet---
The Goddess Curse Room is a fun and exciting room with numerous artifacts to search and clues to discover. A good eye for spotting small but important details is important, as is a creative approach to problem solving.
Puzzle Difficulty
Search Difficulty
60 Minutes (plus up to 30 minutes for briefings)
Number of Participants
2-6 People
Recommended Age
13 years and over (younger players are still welcome)
£63 per TEAM of up to 6 people.
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