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Old Hospital Room
Can you escape the old hospital room
In a post apocalyptic world, the human race is on the brink of extinction.  The few remaining survivors work together in the struggle to survive.
---An evil man controlled the population---
But one man had control over the population after he addicted everyone to a powerful new drug which only he can supply. Without the drug people will die.
---You must find the formula---
When the evil man is hunted down and killed, it is a race against time to find the formula for the drug before it is too late.
You only have 60 minutes to find the formula in the old hospital, but be careful the madman who lived and worked there surely won’t have made it easy to find.
---You have 60 minutes before people start to die---
The “Old Hospital Room” is a creepy and atmospheric experience where you will have to work together as a team to solve the clues and puzzles the evil man left behind. It is not just about escaping the room...can you survive the Old Hospital Room?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: - The Old Hospital Room has content that some participants may find disturbing.
Players must be 18 or over.
Puzzle Difficulty
Search Difficulty
60 Minutes (plus up to 30 minutes for briefings)
Number of Participants
2-6 People
Age Limit
Strictly 18 years and over!
£63 per TEAM of up to 6 people.
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