The Mine - Random-Rooms Escape Rooms/Exit Rooms, Newport Isle of Wight

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(Note- This room is currently in development and will open on 14th September 2024)
Random-Mine was the Isle of Wight's only coal mine, but closed in 1985. It has now been reopened an a marvalous tourist attraction allowing people to explore this unusual place.
---A Former Coal Mine is Now and Tourist Attraction---
However, on your visit, some old explosives have accidentally been triggered- the countdown to detonation has begun.
---You Risk Being Blown to Pieces---
If you fail to deactivate the explosives within 60 minutes everyone in the mine will perish in the huge explosion!
---Work as a Team to Deactivate the Explosives---
The Mine is full of fascinating puzzles. The clues are hidden everywhere but you’ll need your crafty logic skills, a keen eye for detail and the ability to think way outside the box if you are to escape The Mine!
Information about The Mine
Puzzle Difficulty
EasyModerateTricky Difficult
Search Difficulty
60 Minutes
(plus up to 30 minutes for briefings/introductions )
Number of Participants
2-6 People
Recommended Age
Ages 13 and over (younger players still welcome)
£66 per team of up to 6 people
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