The Purple Room - Random-Rooms Escape Rooms/Exit Rooms, Newport Isle of Wight

Pre-Booking is Essential!
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Purple Brick wall representing the Purple Room
Randomly random with some randomness thrown in for fun- oh and some purple; lots and lots of purple!
---A totally abstract Room---
There is no story or background information do guide have just a single imperative goal; - "Make an Escape"- which makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
---Weird, wacky and frustratingly fun---
You have 60 minutes to ‘Make an Escape’ in this room of mind-bending puzzles, mysteries, riddles, and more!
---Work as a Team to Solve the Puzzles---
The Purple Room is a complex woven web of cleverly devised elements to misdirect, confuse and frustrate you... but each frustrating step will be exciting and increase your determination to solve the clues and complete the puzzles to reach that ultimate goal... if only you could work out what it is (?)
(This is a reimagining of the much loved "Random" Room- but you don't need to have played it to enjoy the Purple Room)
Puzzle Difficulty
EasyModerateTricky Difficult
Search Difficulty
60 Minutes
(plus up to 30 minutes for briefings/introductions )
Number of Participants
2-6 People
Recommended Age
Ages 13 and over (younger players still welcome)
£66 per team of up to 6 people
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