Don’t  just play a game...be IN a game!


Random-Rooms, Isle of Wight is a seriously exciting experience that puts you in a hands-on  Escape Room.

---Work as a Team---

A perfect blend of challenging puzzles, mystery, intrigue and a touch of adrenaline for you and a bunch of your friends/family/colleagues to enjoy!

---The Clock is Ticking---

Enter one of our themed rooms and you’ll instantly be in the middle of an thrilling story. Nothing is necessarily what is seems and everything around you could be a potential clue.

---Could YOU Escape?---



Great fun for: -



Corporate Team Building

Hen/Stag Dos

Birthday Parties

An Escape Room is a fun and exciting activity which involves searching a themed room to find clues and keys, solving puzzles, cracking codes, opening locked items and achieving a goal to “Escape” the Room.

---Escape the Room---

You and your team will all have to work together to get everything done; there is a timer in most rooms showing you how long you have left to complete you task.

---Work as a Team---

At Random-Rooms you will be given a specific task to complete: - Prisoners Room: - Send a GPS Signal. Goddess Curse Room: - Stop a Curse that will destroy the world. Motel Room: - Find the location of a serial killers latest victim. You don’t have to physically get out of the room to win, you have to achieve your goal to Escape.

---Keep Your Eyes Peeled---

Everything in the room is a potential clue so you need a keen eye for detail and make sure you investigate everything, but be careful; somethings are there to confuse and mislead you.

---Think Creatively---

Use your sound judgement and creative analytical skills to piece together the various clues, crack the codes and solve the puzzle.


What is an Escape Room?



Isle of Wight

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